31 January 2009

Free 30 HQ Windows 7 Wallpaper Pack

HQ Windows7 Wallpapers
30 JPEG | 1024×768 1600×1200 1920×1200 | 13.16MB

Website: Downarchive.com

Download Uploading
Click here
Download Depositfiles Click here
Download Easyshare Click here

Free A Dreamy World HD Wallpaper Pack 1600 x 1200

A Dreamy World Wallpapers

1600x1200 | Size: 29.6MB

Website: zomvn.com

Download Here

Free Albook Extended 690 Png Icons

Albook Extended 690 Png Icons
690 Icon | 256×256 pixels | True colors + Canal Alpha 32bits | 10MB

Website: downarchive.com

Download from Rapidshare

Free 868 Oxygen-Refit Icon Pack


868 icons | PNG | 128 x 128 | 10,9 MB

Website: zomvn.com

Download Via Depositfiles
Download Via Rapidshare

Free HQ Great Firefox Wallpaper Pack

Great Firefox Wallpapers | .JPG | 1600x1200 1280x1024 1024x768 Pixels
109 images | 40 MB

Author: various | Website: rapidshare, ziddu

Download Via Rapidshare
Download Via Ziddu

Free Vector Wallpaper Pack 1280 x 1024 1024 x 768

Vector Wallpaper Pack | 1280x1024 1024x768 Pixels | .JPG | 19 Adet | 6 MB

Author: various | Website: rapidshare, ziddu

Download Via Rapidshare
Download Via Ziddu

30 January 2009

Free SymbianPlanet Theme For Nokia 5320, N78, N85

Only for Symbian S60 3rd devices.
Check your compatibility here on S60.com

Updated S60v3 QVGA version, improved and added additional 3rd-party icons, added Nokia E66/E71 icons.
Added S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 support (Nokia 5320, N78, N85).

Author: flahorn | Website: deviantart.com

Download Here

Free Aero Diamond Theme for Windows 7

The package contains:
- Aero Diamond theme
- explorer.exe (to change the start orb)
- obefldr.dll (to change the Welcome Center view)
- explorerframe.dll (to change the back/forward buttons)

- added theme patch and a context menu option (a registry file) to take ownership tho the files that you have to replace
- new start menu more glassy
- new blue progress bar in copy/move dialog box and taskbar
- new blue close button
- update 26.01.2008 new start orb

Author: alkhan | Website: deviantart.com

Download Here (.rar)

Non-Ultimate Vista DreamScene Installer

This is a simpler version of what most people use to install Windows DreamScene on a vista computer without Vista Ultimate installed. All you have to do is open it and click any key on the command prompt to install it.

To add movies to it move them to
c:\windows\web\Windows DreamScene


Once you run it, it will extract the files to whichever folder the file is in. After you install it which will auto open, it will delete the files but will not delete the setup file itself. All you have to do is delete that if you want to and your done.

Author: cclloyd9785 | deviantart.com

Download Here (.exe / batch file)

29 January 2009

Free Exus OSm Omega Red Theme for Sony Ericsson

The Fire Edition of the Omega series include:
Animated Backgrounds
Animated Highlights
Softkey Press L+R
2 Wallpapers (1 without the "X" Logo and 1 with)

Compatible with SonyEricsson's K800i, K810i and W850i

Author: wich | Website: deviantart.com

Download Here

Free Royale Themes Remixed 1.44

This mod grew from a finishing Royale Noir project to encompass Zune bug fixing as well. If you are a fan of Microsoft's Royale, this is the only Royale theme you will ever need. The theme now consists of 3 color schemes, Royale, Royale Noir and Royale Zune. For Royale Noir, Microsoft came 50% of the way, and I went the other 50%, a lot of work and bugfixes was done to finish the theme. For Zune, work was done to better the distasteful orange and many bugfixes implemented that Microsoft messed up. You will also get a Vista Cursor and Vista Sounds For Windows XP . - freshdl

Website: freshdl.net

Download Here (pass: freshdl.net)

Free Radiance 2.0 Theme for iPhone

150 icons provided; includes 2.0 jailbroken apps and AppStore apps.

Badge, Dock, and Battery, included in the "Bundles/com.apple.springboard" folder

100 AppStore icons made by misecia. All credit goes to him.

Dock from Jon's Harmonicons

When using with WinterBoard:

1. Create a Radiance2 folder in /Library/Themes
2. Check the Icons folder to see if your Application icons are there, and see if the name matches the Application's name on the Springboard.
3. Drag the Icons, Bundles, and UIImages folder, and the Wallpaper.png into the Radiance2 folder via SSH.
4. Apply the theme with WinterBoard and enjoy!

Author: kediashubham | Website: deviantart.com

Download Here

28 January 2009

Free Simply Razz Pink and White WinAmp Skin


1st: Get Winamp and install the software in your computer.

2nd: Download the skin by pressing the download button located in the left margin of this page.

3rd: Change the extension of the file you just downloaded from this page from .zip to .wsz and copy it to your Winamp skin directory ( c:/..../Winamp/skins).

4th: Open Winamp, right click on the main window, go to skin sub-menu, apply the skin and you´re done.

Author: bobbyperux | Website: deviantart.com

Download Here

27 January 2009

Free 177 Flavour Icon Set 48 x 48 PNG and PSD

Oliver Twardowski has designed this incredible icon set for Smashing Magazine... This set contains 177 icons in PNG format. Photoshop (PSD) raw files are also available for download...

Author: Oliver Twardowski | Website: Smashing Magazine

Download the set (Zip, 2.0 Mb)
Download the PSD sources (.psd, Zip, 5.9 Mb)

Free 100 HQ Wallpapers

100 Pics l Size : 56 Mb l 1600x1200 l JPG l RS-Link

Author: various | Website: softarchive.net

Download Via Rapidshare

Free Windows 7 Skin for True Transparency

This True Transparency skin mimics Windows 7 Beta styles including the "Send Feedback" link at the title bar... True Transparency application is included in the Zip file...

Author: marcelod12 | Website: deviantart.com

Download Here

Free Vista Theme for Nokia 6103

Theme for Nokia S40 1st Edition 128x160, for example 6101/6103. Features:

- New icons.
- Transparent taskbar and statusbar with Aero Map
- Deleted Vista Orb
- Vista wallpaper and screensaver

Author: janek2012 | Website: deviantart.com

Download Here (.zip)

Free Windows 7 Theme for Sony Ericsson

Windows 7 7000 Beta 1 Theme for Sony Ericsson with 240 x 320 resolutions...

Author: janek2012 | Website: deviantart.com

Download Here (.thm)

26 January 2009

Free McVista Ultimate Mashups Wallpaper Packs

Bored of the default Windows Vista aurora wallpaper? Try these wallpaper packs by Potasiyam... These wallpapers are actually based from the original aurora wallpaper but (modified) with different hues and colors...

Author: potasiyam | Website: deviantart.com

Download Pack 1 Here (7-zip file)
Download Pack 2 Here (.rar file)

Free Vista Blue Aurora Boot Screen

NOTE: For Windows Vista ONLY!!!

Includes Boot Screens for the following aspect ratios:

* Standard (4:3) - 1024x768, 1280x960, 1600x1200, etc.
* 5:4 - 1280x1024
* Ultra Widescreen (16:9) - 1920x1080, 1280x720, etc.
* Widescreen (16:10) - 2560x1600, 1920x1200, 1280x800, etc.

Installation Instructions

1. Take ownership of "winload.exe.mui" by browsing to "C:\Windows\System32\en-US" (replace en-US by abbreviations for the language of your OS), and editing file permissions under the "Security" tab to give the Administrator ownership and all rights. (Screenshot: [link] )
2. Rename the original "winload.exe.mui" to "winload.exe.mui.bak" and paste the desired bootscreen's version into this folder.
3. Reboot to see how it looks... (if you want...)
4. Enjoy!!!

(16:9 and 5:4 are not shown in the preview. The preview shows the images as they will appear on-screen when booting.)

Author: salmanarif | Website: deviantart.com

Download Here

25 January 2009

Free Vista Live Shell Pack 2.0 For Windows XP

I haven't tried this shell pack (because I'm using Vista) but I would definitely try this if I were still using XP...

Website: softarchive.net

Download Via Rapidshare

Free Aqua Logon Screen for Vista LogonStudio

Bored of your default Vista logon screen? Then try this one...

You need LogonStudio Vista for this screen to work. Download here [link] or in [link]

Author: Rata de Oz | Website: deviantart.com

Download Here

24 January 2009

Free Infinity Widescreen Wallpaper Pack

An amazing HD/widescreen wallpaper pack. These heavenly bodies would definitely make your monitor come alive... A really attractive combination of light and color.

Pack of 5 widescreen resolutions.
Click download for the .zip file containing
2560 x 1600
1920 x 1200 - (Also the full view image)
1680 x 1050
1440 x 900
1280 x 800

Author: morague | Website: deviantart.com

Download .zip Here

Free Dead Wasp Wallpaper for Computer, PSP, Ipod

If you want something different, check this wallpaper by Psychopulse. The pack includes wide and regular size for mac or pc and smaller sizes for PSP and Ipod...

Author: psychopulse | Website: deviantart.com

Download Here

23 January 2009

Free Cool and Colorful Folders Icon Pack

A set of 50 colorful PNG folder icons. The glassy and 3 dimensional look really made this collection unique. Windows icon format is not available but you can use these images as dock icons or convert them to .ico or other formats...

Author: deleket | Website: freeiconsdownload.com

Download Here

Free Windows Vista Clock Gadget: Clocktopia Series

So far, Rodfdez has created 6 series of these wonderful Vista sidebar clock gadget. He created these with almost life-like appearance basing on stock watch and clock photographs and images. The first 5 sets contains 8 clock gadgets while the latest set 6 has 18. Cool!

Author: rodfdez | Website: deviantart.com

Download Series 1 Here
Download Series 2 Here
Download Series 3 Here
Download Series 4 Here
Download Series 5 Here
Download Series 6 Here

Free High Tech Icon Set

A really nice green-on-steel icon set. Perfect for green themed desktop. You can use these as Windows icon replacement, shortcut icons and or dock icons. Windows icon format and PNG image format available for download.

Autho: kidcomic | Website: freeiconsdownload.com

Download .png Set Here
Download .ico Set Here

22 January 2009

Free Interceptor GUIkit Skin for Windowblinds

Another Mrrste masterpiece. This skin is quite darker than the CoverSutra Theme from the previous post. This package includes some skins for other applications like Firefox and Miranda...

The Kit includes:

Windowblind skin for XP and Vista, each with 2 sub-styles.
Miranda skin
Styler Toolbar skin
Objectdock skins
Firefox 2.0 skin
2 x CAD (CD Art Display) skins

Author: mrrste | Website: deviantart.com

Download .zip Here

Free CoverSutra Windowblinds Skin for XP and Vista

A dark but sleek Windowblinds skin created by Mrrste. This theme really goes well with colorful and contrasting wallpapers with a set of Apple-style icons.

In the Mini pack:

CoverSutra V - Windows Vista Windowblind
CoverSutra - Windows XP Windowblind
Styler Toolbar

Author: mrrste | Website: deviantart.com

Download .rar Here

Free Stromboli Skin for Windowblinds

This Windowblinds theme is almost like a sketch/draft. Fine lines intersecting the corners create an illusion like it's drawn on a blueprint...

Author: apb2 | Website: deviantart.com

Download Here

Free XP Leopard Style Logon

Leopard uses the flat grey used in all their Gui apps (not the horizontal stripes) and as those of you working on a Mac also know, the logon thoughtfully displays your name under the MAC OS X text above the input box.

This is a simple and basic mod to meet a small demand. I have not repositioned the “restart’ button. The “restart” button still exists (and works) at the bottom, in the middle - but its invisible. The two buttons seen at the bottom, are decorative and non-functional. The rest is identical to the existing “Tiger” versions. - Mark Raats

Author: Mark Raats

Download [2.2MB]

Free Leopard System Preferences for XP

This application features all of the screens used in the OS X System Preferences application. Selecting the appropriate item, you will access Leopard-Style pages - from where you will be able to configure your windows preferences.

Because of the actual Mac application is designed to configure the system, this emulation does NOT attempt to take over your Control Panel. It is simply OS X style gateway to your normal Control Panel options.

While every attempts have been made to give the user a faithful Leopard Experience, there are also individual page differences because OS X makes customizing possible from within the interface - where as this version does not. Leopard also dynamically re-sizes each option page while in this version, each page has been kept to the same size.

Please note where there is no equivalent Windows App in Control Panel, the option to “Configure” has been greyed out. This application has been tested in Windows Xp only.

There are two versions here, full version and lite version. The lite version removes the additional screens and give you a single page - working in a way similar to Tiger System Preferences.

Developer: Mark Raats

Download Full Version

Download Lite Version

Free Leopard skin for µTorrent 1.8.1

For Windows to Mac emulation you need stuff like this, a µTorrent Leopard theme. This skin would make your Leopard theme more stunning and convincing. Other Leopard themes for applications will be posted soon...

Website: osx-e.com

Download Here

21 January 2009

19 Free Best Windows XP Themes of 2008

Just a cool collection of the best xp themes from the previous year... compiled by the folks at softarchive.

Author: various | Website: softarchive.net

Download via Rapidshare

20 January 2009

Free Windows Vista Tweaker Software

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a freeware Tweak UI Utility for tweaking and optimizing Windows Vista, 32-bit & 64-bit. It can simply be downloaded and used as a portable application to customize your Windows Vista to meet your requirements. With judicious tweaking, It can make your system faster, more stable, and more secure with just a few mouse clicks. The tweaker detects whether you have IE 7 or IE 8 installed and accordingly offers you the relevant tweaks only.

The utility has a simple easy-to-use user interface, with the tweaks being classified in separate heads based of their functionality. Most tweaks are hidden inside Vista, and what this tweaker does is to try and put the useful one's in one place. It has over 130 tweaks, but is yet, just a 380 KB .exe file, which does not require an install.

Details of Tweaks :

The tweaks are classified under seven categories and can be accessed through a common interface, just like your Windows Vista Control Panel.
1) Personalization,
2) User Accounts & UAC,
3) System & Performance,
4) Security,
5) Internet Explorer (IE7 / IE8)
6) Network Optimization
7) Additional Options

System Requirements :

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is developed for Windows Vista and supported in all available editions under 32 and 64 Bit. Earlier version of Windows - Windows 95, 98, ME, NT and XP are not supported.

Minimum system configuration :

* Microsoft Windows Vista
* 800x600 screen resolution with 256 colors
* 5 MB free disk space
* Internet Explorer 7 or higher

Recommended system configuration :

* Microsoft Windows Vista
* 1024x768 screen resolution with 32-bit colors
* 10 MB free disk space
* Internet Explorer 7 or higher

Website: winvistaclub.com

Download Here

Free Hello Kitty and Tokidoki Theme For Nokia 5200

It's been a while since the last cell phone theme was posted so here's 2 Nokia 5200 themes by Soinwo. Girls dig this!

Author: soinwo | Website: deviantart.com

Download Tokidoki Here
Download Hello Kitty Here

Free Resident Evil 5 Icon - Vista Ready

Game fanatics, especially to those Resident Evil gamers, would definitely love this icon by RottenRooster. Change your Resident Evil 5 desktop, shortcut or dock icon with this...

The icon is Vista ready and includes the following sizes: 16x16, 32x32, 48x48 & 256x256(PNG Compressed) in RGBA (32 bits) & 256 (8 bits).

256x256 PNG file included for dock icons.

Free for non-commercial use.
The logos or characters depicted in this icon are © by Capcom

For more game icons go to RottenRooster's Deviantart gallery...

Author: RottenRooster | Websites: deviantart.com | grufix-board.de

Download .zip Here

19 January 2009

Free Apple Theme for PSP

Another Sony PSP theme for today... An Apple computer theme. If you love Apple or iPod then this theme is for you...

How to install theme: Place theme.p3t file in X:/PSP/THEME/ folder and select theme from XMB->Settings->Themes
X is your psp USB or PSP media card
Or Download Only theme file directly from your PSP internet browser.
How to install psp theme

Author: unknown | Website: psp-themes.net

Download Here

Free Vista Theme for PSP

This cool Windows Vista theme for PSP is my first post for this category. I think it's about time to add this new category since alot of themes are already coming out for the Sony PSP.

How to install theme: Place theme.p3t file in X:/PSP/THEME/ folder and select theme from XMB->Settings->Themes
X is your psp USB or PSP media card
Or Download Only theme file directly from your PSP internet browser.
How to install psp theme

Author: j7ydg10 | Website: psp-themes.net

Download Here

Free Vista Windowblinds Skin: INVI 5V

Another 007tinar masterpiece. INVI 5V is the newest version of the popular series. This Windowblinds skin contains subtle changes from the older versions.


Windowblinds skin
○ Additional start button

• To apply the theme , you need :
○ Windowblinds

• All color schemes are available for window frames and start menu now .

Author: 007tinar | Website: deviantart.com

Download Here

Free Windows Se7en Wallpaper 1600 × 1200

Here's 007tinar's Windows 7 wallpaper... I think the design is greatly influenced by Vista aurora style with lighter and fruitier colors.

1600 × 1200 Resolution


• SE7EN001.bmp [ bitmap 32 bit ]
• SE7EN002.jpg [ without logo ]
• LOGO001.png
• LOGO002.png

Author: 007tinar | Website: deviantart.com

Download .rar Here

17 January 2009

Free Soft Rounded Windows Icon Pack V 1 and 2

Another soft rounded icon set for Windows Vista and Windows XP. The soft rounded corners of the icons goes well with the glassy highlights, thus creating a very subtle candy-like-look. This set includes program icons, file icons and folder icons.

Below is the version 2 of the set:

Author: SaviourMachine | Website: deviantart.com

Download .zip Here (Version 1)
Download .zip Here (Version 2)

Free 580 Best Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets

Windows Vista fanatics drool over this cool collection of free sidebar gadgets! If you want to get the most of your Vista OS, use these very nice and useful gadgets. This set/collection includes gadgets ranging from customizable RSS readers, weather forecaster, calendar, system info, games plus other gadgets you've been searching for...

Author: various | Website: softarchive.net

Download .rar Here
(use WinRar to extract)

16 January 2009

Free 40 Aero Vista Icons

This icon set is called "Aero Vista icons" maybe because of its glassy look and feel, obviously... If you really really love Vista styles then this set is for you. A Mac version is also available for download so you can also use this set for your Mac as dock icons etc...

Author: by Mayosoft | Website: http://www.iconarchive.com/

Download AeroVista-Win.zip (1.9 MB)
Download AeroVista_Mac.dmg (7.3 MB)

Free 43 Rounder Icon Set 128 x 128 px

Rounded icons are really hard to find but fortunately Vicing has created a very cool and high quality icon set with rounded corners. This 43-icon-set set really looks great in both web and desktop applications.

Free 43 Rounder Icon Set 128 x 128 px

Author: vicing | Website: deviantart

Download Here

Free Windows 7 Midnight Energized Wallpaper Plus Bootscreen

If you're a Windows-lover or just overly-excited for the release of Windows 7 then check this out. A cool wallpaper and boot screen combo from deviants Frnak and yanomam. Although there haven't been an official release yet of the logo or any wallpapers of Windows 7, aside from the public beta of course, a lot of graphics artists have already created their own versions... Well, it's all good so far...

Boot Screen


Authors: Frnak and yanomami | Website: deviantart

Download BootScreen (use Tuneup Styler or similar apps for this file)
Download Wallpaper