22 January 2009

Free Leopard System Preferences for XP

This application features all of the screens used in the OS X System Preferences application. Selecting the appropriate item, you will access Leopard-Style pages - from where you will be able to configure your windows preferences.

Because of the actual Mac application is designed to configure the system, this emulation does NOT attempt to take over your Control Panel. It is simply OS X style gateway to your normal Control Panel options.

While every attempts have been made to give the user a faithful Leopard Experience, there are also individual page differences because OS X makes customizing possible from within the interface - where as this version does not. Leopard also dynamically re-sizes each option page while in this version, each page has been kept to the same size.

Please note where there is no equivalent Windows App in Control Panel, the option to “Configure” has been greyed out. This application has been tested in Windows Xp only.

There are two versions here, full version and lite version. The lite version removes the additional screens and give you a single page - working in a way similar to Tiger System Preferences.

Developer: Mark Raats

Download Full Version

Download Lite Version