27 November 2008

Free Windows 7 Style for Windows Vista SP1

Windows 7 (formerly codenamed Blackcomb and Vienna) is the next release of Microsoft Windows, an operating system produced by Microsoft for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops, Tablet PCs, and media center PCs. Also you will notice that this style is very very fast in fact that it doesn't have heavy Shellstyle images, soft shadows etc.

Change log:

-Taskbar buttons
-Start menu
-Taskbar images
-Hover images
-Copy-Paste animation
-Start Orb
-more style fixes and more Windows 7 images
To use this style just copy and paste the Windows 7 folder to this location:


Then just click on the Windows 7.msstyle and apply the style.

Website: Download Codes

Download Here

Free HQ Wallpaper Pack Vol. 5

Wallpapers HQ Vol. 5

46 HQ Wallpapers | 1280x964 - 3888x2592 | 62.5 mb

Author: various | Website: Download Codes

Download Here

21 November 2008

Free Windows MediaPlayer Mega Skin Pack

Windows MediaPlayer Mega Skin Pack (70)

70 various Media Player Skins

Size : 90Mb

Author: Various | Website: Download Codes

20 November 2008

Free Ubunto Bootskin for XP

This is a simple and clean Ubuntu bootscreen. You can either apply it with BootSkin or with TuneUp Styler 2. See Readme.txt for further instructions.

Author: lustmusket3000 | Website: deviantart

Download Here

Free Edisso Windowblinds Skin

Edisso, a skin based on smooth design and light color combined with cute ideas in details.

Edisso features built-in shadows of Window Frames, glow Buttons, transparent Shutdown / Logoff screen and many other WB 5 goodies.

Toolbars Icons/ Shell pictures presented in simple and neat style, hope you like them.

Matching wallpaper can be found here: [link]

Icon Pack used in screenshot is Aqualix by Dexter.Ren: [link]

Author: yingjunjiu | Website: deviantart

Download Here

Free Orange Sparkle Vista Cursors

Author: riosypher | Website: deviantart

Download Here

19 November 2008

Free Vista Bootscreen Pack

BOOTSKIN: Vista Bootscreen Pack for Windows XP

First of all note that you have to download "Bootskin"-Software to apply these skins.
(download here: [link])

I created the following three types of skins:

- Windows Vista Real (only progress-bar)
- Windows Vista Real + Vista Logo
- Windows Vista Real + Vista Bowl-Logo

Every skin of these three ones has two versions:
The first one with a black background and the other one with a white background.

I also put previews to all skins (*.png), so you can imagine how every bootscreen looks.

Author: somnambul / Julian Moser | Website: deviantart

Download Here

Free HQ Wallpaper Pack Vol. 4

Wallpapers HQ Vol. 4

17 HQ Wallpapers | 1280x740 - 3872x2592 | 54.7 mb

Author: various | Website: Download Codes

Download Here

Free Apple Classic Bootskin for Windows XP

BOOTSKIN: AppleClassic for Windows XP-

Classic Mac-Wallpaper used for this bootskin...

NOTE: You must have "Bootskin"-Software to apply this skin.
(download: [link])

Author: somnambul | Website: deviantart

Download Here

Free 3D Silver Cursors

Author: JJ. Ying | Website: deviantart

Download Here

18 November 2008

Free Alienware Bootskin

Author: computerarts | Website: deviantart

Download Here

Free Download Wallpapers HQ Vol. 3

Wallpapers HQ Vol. 3

Author: various | Website: Download Codes

Free Parental Guidance Explicit Content Bootskin

Parental Guidance Explicit Content bootskin (textured version)

Author: JBboy| Website: deviantart

Download Here

Free Vista Cursors for Windows XP

Get the new Windows Vista Cursors from Build 5744 RC2 on your Windows XP machine. There are just a few aesthetic differences. The new cursors are antialiased and have a crisp look to them. The hourglass cursor is replaced with the loading indicator (as seen in Internet Explorer 7).

This set is really a perfect companion to the Vista styles that are out there for XP too! IF you must use any cursors with a Vista style for XP, this shall be the one!

Installation Instructions:

1. Unzip the zip file to a temporary directory on ur HD.
2. Place the "Windows Aero Cursors" directory into C:\Windows\Cursors\.
3. Open up ur mouse properties (located inside Control Panel).
4. Go to Pointers tab.
5. Select (None) for a temporary scheme/theme from the list which is at the top of the list in most cases.
6. Browse for the Windows Aero Cursors directory.
7. Start picking the cursors from the Medium folder, once u have the right ones in the right spots, please proceed to step 8.
8. Save the cursor scheme/theme to the name to "Windows Aero Medium".
9. Hit Apply and then OK and enjoy!

Author: LiLmEgZ97 | Website: deviantart

Download Here

Free Ubunto Theme - Pucko Modern

GTK engines needed:
- Murrine 0.60.1+ (For widgets, menus etc. It's included in Ubuntu 8.10.)
- Pixmap/pixbuf (For the panel.)

I recomend that you set your panel height to 22px. I've included several more sizes that you'll need to change manually if you for some reason can't set the panel height to 22.

Metacity themes included.
Wallpapers included.

Author: =lassekongo83 | Website: deviantart

Download Here

Free Obsidian Cursor Set

Obsidian Cursors is a shiny and clean cursor set created in Inkscape based upon the Polar Cursor Theme - created by Eric Matthews [ECHM]

Instructions: unzip, right click on obsidian.inf and install. Hope you like it.

Author: teft | Website: deviantart

Download Here

17 November 2008

Vista Ultimate HD DreamScene - Dark Power

Dark power video for Vista Ultimate with HD Resolution 1920 x 1080 | Size : 40MB

Author: janosch500

Download Here

Free Vista Sidebar Gadgets Ultimate Pack

Vista Sidebar Gadget pack filled with some of the newest and best around.

Author: various | Website: Download Codes

Download Part 1
Download Part 2
Download Part 3
Download Part 4

Download Sidebar Skins 1.53

Rar Password: G

Free Mac OS X Tiger Theme for Windowblinds

Mac OS X Tiger Theme - 1.8 MB

The new theme of foormlenya for WindowBlinds,
executed in style Mac Os X Tiger.

Author: foormlenya

Download Here

VistaMizer - XP to Vista Transformation Pack

VistaMizer modifies your system files, so that when you reboot after installing VistaMizer, you won't even remember how your old desktop looked like.

With VistaMizer you are now able to transform your Windows XP, MCE or Server 2003 by giving it the look of Windows Vista. Therefore over 380 files with new Icons, pictures as well as videos are modified.

This means that VistaMizer does not provide own files and change your system files. That has the advantage that VistaMizer works with each language and no changes of the language specifics are made.


· Vista-Look for Windows XP, MCE or Server 2003
· Modification of the own system files
· multilingual
· completely free choice for the modification files
· check the files for compatibility during the installation
· backup from the original system files
· re-modification of the system files after Windows Updates
· rebuilding of the original system files with un-installation

What's New in This Release:

+ Error in viewing the System Properties resolved
+ Mistake with the conversion of fixed views - is it a bug or is it a feature ;-)
+ Error with the presentation of their own skins for True Transparency resolved
+ Representation of the theme in the writings improved
+ Problem with the takeover of the sounds, wallpaper, etc. now finally resolved
+ Theme revised, now can be selected if the Explorer Bar as with Vista or XP bottom left is displayed
+ Logon revised, and now may have different words for display, default, without lettering
+ Full review of the extraction of icons Bmps, etc.
And problems and errors in the other user accounts resolved
+ Full takeover and the return of all icons for all user accounts after installing and uninstalling
+ Incorrect animation in the fixed shell32
+ Compatibility with other software (such as iTunes) improved
+ Updating of additional applications to the current version
+ Another theme for True Transparency of filipefmle added and expanded exclude.dat
And further improve small details

Website: Vistamizer

Download Here

16 November 2008

Free iPod Green Bootskin

Author: computerarts | Website: deviantart

Download Here

Enable Remote Desktop and Dreamscene for Vista Home, Business and Enterprise

Multi remote desktop for vista Home Premium - Business - ultimate. For both vista and vista SP1. Enable dream scene in your vista home Premium and business and enterprise.
Easy steps. for RDP just run the batch file with Run As Administrator . for dream scene just follow the instructions .

Author: info unavailable | Website: Download Codes

Download Here

Free Download Wallpapers HQ Vol. 2

Wallpapers HQ Vol. 2

Wallpapers HQ Vol. 2

Author: various | Website: Download Codes

Download Here

Free 3D Metal Windowblinds Skin

Artist's Comments

Trying to creat a true 3D skin has been quite a challenge.There restrictions an parameters that
are not friendly with a 3D environment text being the major one.I started this skin approx.18 months ago. I massaged this skin so many times I have gotten hand cramps!LOL So after a ton of fonts & shading techniques I am finally happy enough with the effect to upload it!

I now feel confident that this unique blind is friendly and very usable so after hundreds of
hours of rendering and nearly a year and a half of tweaking I give you 3D Metal!
Hope you enjoy!!!

Author: avman | Website: deviantart

Download Here

Active Wallpaper Changer

Having a huge collection of wallpapers? Would like to vary your desktop with cool new wallpapers? Try Wallpaper Changer and you won't imagine your computer without it anymore!

Active Wallpaper Changer (hereinafter "Wallpaper Changer") is a cute easy-to-use program that changes your desktop background within defined time interval. Simply choose the folder you would like to use wallpapers from, check what pictures to show and off you go!

You can use any pictures from your hard drive as your desktop background. Really! Anything will go! Have a numerous family photos? Or a huge collection of digital posters of your favorite actor? All this stuff you may use as your desktop wallpaper and change it randomly (or not - you decide) using Wallpaper Changer.

Author: info unvailable | Website: Download Codes

Download Here

15 November 2008

Ripple Effect on XP and Vista Desktop

Solo's Ripple is Pure Desktop Eyecandy!

Video preview([link])
Wallpaper [link]

This app sits in your system tray, and will ripple like a water applet the wallpaper picture, icons and active windows!

You can adjust the timer speeds and save them to your liking, it will recall them upon re-launch.

Ripple stays on the bottom, so that if you have a program in full screen mode it will stay out of your way!

XP and Vista compatible!

Author: Solo-dev | Website: deviantart

Download Here

Free Wallpapers HQ Vol. 1

Wallpapers HQ Vol. 1

Wallpapers HQ Vol. 1

Author: various | Website: Download Codes

Download Here

Enable Folder Background Image in Vista

Vista Folder Background Application

In Vista, the ability to have custom backgrounds in explorer folders is gone. This small application makes folder backgrounds possible again.

With the latest update, a background can be automatically applied to subfolders.
Fixed a bug where subfolders of a background'd folder would hang if the background was not applied to subfolders.

Installation: Unzip, run install.bat to install.
Uninstall: run uninstall.bat to uninstall, restart (or log off and on again) and remove the files.

Right click a folder an check the Folder Background tab for settings.

Author: Andreas Verhoeven

Download Here

Free Windows Vista Customization Manual

PDF | 102 pages | 5 MB

Windows Vista Customization Manual

Author: MintyWhite | Website: Download Codes

Download Here

14 November 2008

Free Vista Transformation Pack 9.0 For XP

New 3rd-party applications
ViSplore - Vista Glass explorer simulator
Vista Drive Icon - adding free space percentage in your drive icon like Vista explorer
Vista Rainbar - Lightweight Vista sidebar based on Rainmeter that even consume less resources than real Vista Sidebar

Improved 3rd-party applications
ViStart - Files indexing for documents search, improved reliability and compatibilities
ViOrb - Improved graphic and reliability (C++ re-written)
TrueTransparency - Improved reliability with improved AeroStyle's glass border
WinFlip - Improved stability and reliablity

New functionalities
Setup personization - Allow customizing Vista experiences upon installation without access to Welcome Center
Windows XP Service Pack 3 compatibilities - Now you can enjoy Vista themes after installation with Windows XP Service Pack 3
x64 compatibilities - More secured x64 installation without getting hurt by incompatibilities

There're also a lot of bug fixes and refinements in the program but let's just keep it simple with these for now. You can experience the rest later by yourself.

Changes in Version 9.0
-Added Gavatx's Vista Rainbar 4.3 (Slim) in place of Thoosje's Vista Sidebar
-Added large icon resizing option for high resolution monitors
-Added Personalization setup screen for configuring current user account before installation
-Added running ViStart, ViOrb and ViSplore to WindowBlinds and TrueTransparency's exclusion list (prevent stability issues)
-Added ViSplore project (Vista Glass Explorer for Windows XP/2003)
-Added Vista Drive Icon in place of Vista Windows Drive Icon
-Added Windows XP Service Pack 3 uxtheme patching compatibilities
-Fixed automate 3rd-party applications optimization requirements
-Fixed graphic driver detection issues in transformation package for cases that doesn't use the first slot of driver
-Fixed OS detection incompatibilities with Windows Vista
-Fixed possible errors when auto-configuring user account during installation without "Express Mode"
-Fixed Thoosje Sidebar's auto-configuration bug on some resolutions.
-Fixed uninstallation script to terminate newly added applications such as WinFlip, TrueTransparency, etc.
-Fixed Vista orb positioning in "System Properties" dialog
-Fixed WindowBlinds' installation detection bug in configure user account dialog
-Updated Aero Style's glass border for more visibility and less distortion for both WindowBlinds and TrueTransparency
-Updated AeroStyle's glass border in TrueTransparency to simulate "little-blurring-like" WindowBlinds
-Updated boot screen to traditional ones without Vista flag
-Updated configure user account's installed components and applications UI
-Updated "Glass" sounds scheme from Windows Vista's Ultimate Extras
-Updated installation branding bar image
-Updated TrueTransparency to version 0.9.4
-Updated ViOrb to version 1 (C++ re-written)
|-Added start orb's right click menu
|-Fixed hook recovery when explorer shell is reloaded
|-Fixed always on top visibility issues with some applications including ViStart
|-Updated start orb graphic to for all sides compatibilities
-Updated ViStart to version 2.0 build 3467
|-Added font customization feature in settings.xml
|-Added indexing file search support like Vista (you can search for extension with .ext)
|-Added "Reset Shell" in menu option to reload explorer along with ViStart
|-Added multi-DPI Support
|-Fixed Chinese characters issue with Recent Documents
|-Fixed hook recovery when explorer shell is reloaded
|-Fixed start menu's hooking reliability with full screen and resolution changes
|-Fixed strange ActiveX errors
-Updated Visual style's top taskbar background to have the same image as bottom's like Vista
-Updated WinFlip to version 0.50
-Updated wording in some areas for easier understanding
-Updated x64 operating systems compatibilities

Author: Windows X | Website: http://windowsxlive.net/

Download Here

Free Aero Ultimate Windows 7 Beta 6801 Skin Pack for XP

Aero Ultimate 7 6801 Beta
UPDATE! Install bug fixed,

Notice: You need Aero Ultimate Original to be installed, otherwise the shellstyle won't work

Aero Ultimate 7 6801 Beta for XP (Based on original Aero Ultimate).The pack includes: WindowBlinds style,New FindeXer config and icons,Perfectly matching vistart skin,Wallpapers,The PDC (the one in the preview) wallpaper,7 StylerToolbar ,Windows 7 Logon,Windows 7 Screensaver, Aero Ultimate for TrueTransparecy

Author: unknown | Website: Download Codes

Download Here

Free Windows 7 Calculator for Vista

Windows Seven Calculator has been ported to Vista!

It works standalone, but you can also copy calc.exe to system32 and calc.exe. mui to system32\en-us folder.

Author: fediaFedia | Website: deviantart

Download Here

Free 189 Vista Gadgets November Collection

189 gadgets of different orientation

download link : | 33.5Mb

Author: various | Website: Download Codes

Download Here

Free Vista to OS X Transformation Pack v4.1 (2008)

"Turn Windows Vista into Mac OSX”
If you've been disillusioned by Vista and wish that you'd bought a Mac (since that's what Vista is trying to emulate anyway) then you might be impressed by Vista OS X.

Vista OS X is a transformation pack for the 32-bit editions of Windows Vista. The installation is very simple and gives you full control over what elements you want to install, change or modify in Vista. These include features such as the look and style of Vista, the folder and Explorer styles and skins for various applications. Often with these programs, there is a concern that it may change fundamental aspects of Windows Vista that can cause conflicts. We can't guarantee this won't be the case for you but the good thing is that the program creates a restoration point during installation so if you do suffer any problems, you can easily roll back. If you prefer, you can install Vista OS X V3 on a partition so that your original installation of Windows is not affected in any way.

Languages: English
OS: WinVista

Author: unknown | Website: Download Codes

Download Here


13 November 2008

Free Revours Wallpaper pack

- 4 Different Wallpapers included.
- Widescreen & Normal resolutions included.
- Optimized quality. ( Almost 0% JPG. artifact. )

Quality: Highest available JPG. quality.
Filesize of the pack: Medium. ( 10mb )

Only for personal desktop use.
Copyright ©2008 Miika Ahvenj√§rvi. All rights reserved.

Author: Miika Ahvenjärvi | Website: deviantart

Download Here

Free 100 Bootskins for Windows 2000 and Windows XP

Safely and easily change your Windows boot screen with BootSkin. It allows you to replace your Windows boot up screen with ones you can download from websites such as WinCustomize.com or create yourself. It works on Windows 2000 and Windows XP and replaces no system files.

Author: various | Website: Download Codes

Download 100 Bootskins
Download Bootskin Software

Free Transformers Windows Media Player Skin

Excellent skin for Windows Media Player from a film Transformers


Author: invetalcom | Website: Download Codes

Download Here

Free HD Abstract Vector Wallpaper Pack.

Abstract Vector Walls -Wallpaper Pack.
-A collab of 6 abstract vector wallpaper packs.

Resolutions Included:
● 1920 x 1200
● 1680 x 1050
● 1600 x 1200
● 1280 x 1024

Author: uribaani | Website: deviantart

Download Here

Free The City 17 Wallpaper pack

Resolutions included:
- 1680 x 1050
- 1600 x 1200
- 1280 x 1024
( Sorry, no 1920 x 1200 this time. )

Filesize of the pack: Very low. (3,5mb)
Quality: Highest avaible JPG. quality.
Stock images from sxc.hu

Author: uribaani | Website: deviantart

Download Here

Free Windows Seven Transformation Pack 2009

Windows Se7en Transformation Pack 2009

Windows Seven Transformation Pack 2009 | 14.5 MB
This pack can transform your Old Windows into New Windows Se7en

Author: unknown | Website: Download Codes

Download Here

Free Wallpapers HQ Vol. 1

Wallpapers HQ Vol. 1

Wallpapers HQ Vol. 1

Author: various | Website: Download Codes

Download Here

Free Zune Theme for Media Player

This is already an installer so you don't have
to do many setup to install it.,,

Also in this package the wfp switcher is included to disable windows file protection for a while
to make it work.,

Here are the instruction;;;;

for those who still didn't turn off the windows file protection

1. after you download it open it with winrar and extract it anywhere in your computer.

2. then restart your computer and press f8 then select safe mode and open the folder where you
extract the file and the run wfs then select turn off wfp.. restart your computer.
3. logon and then run the installer but be sure to backup first the original file which is wmploc.dll
to backup it just go to c:\windows\system32\wmploc.dll copy this wmploc.dll anywhere in your computer
so just you can restore it again to original dll.
4. Enjoy it!!!!

Author: edgexlasher | Website: devianart

Download Here

12 November 2008

Free Nature & Abstract HDTV 1080p Wallpaper Pack

Nature & Abstract HDTV 1080p Wallpapers
45 Pics | JPEG | 1920 x 1080 | 46.4 Mb

Author: various | Website: Download Codes

Download Here

10 November 2008

Free Vista Sidebar Gadgets AIO

Vista Sidebar Gadgets AIO 08-2008

Vista Sidebar Gadgets AIO 08-2008 | 36.05MB
collection 7 sidebar Gadgets for Vista

Author: various | Website: Download Codes

Download Here

Free Amazing CAR Wallpaper Pack

Amazing CAR

Amazing CAR Wallpaper | JPG | Size: 4 MB

Author: akhareshe | Website: Download Codes

Download Here

Windows Media Player 11 Shellstyle for Vista

You just need to replace shellstyle.dll in Aero VS folder.
If you're not sure how to do that there's help file in the zip

Author: Vathanx | Website: deviantart

Download Here

Media Center Visual Style / Theme for Vista


visual style
● shellstyle
● 2 wallpapers
● skin for LogonStudio Vista
● *NEW! Vista Sidebar style

Recommended links:

TuneUp Utilities 2007 for Vista - to apply new visual styles without hacking your system...

LogonStudio Vista - to give your logon screen a new look...

DeskHack - to know what style to apply...

Windows Sidebar Styler - to apply sidebar style...

Author: Vathanx | Website: deviantart

Download Here

"Oh my god, the colors..." HD Wallpaper Pack

Author: MadPotato | Website: deviantart

Download Here

Free 7 Fractals Wallpaper Pack

Author: MadPotato | Website: deviantart

Download Here

09 November 2008

Windows Seven Wallpaper

Artist's Comments

presenting Windows seven wallpapers by darpan bajaj (darpan-aero)

firstly i created a wallpaper which looked exact to seven's shell style;e but the idea dosent work it was not looking as good as i was expecting so did a little changes
i hope ypu all will like this one

with 3 resolutions

2 wallpaper styles

with text and logo and without text and logo.

Author: darpan bajaj | Website: deviantart

Download Here