29 January 2009

Free Radiance 2.0 Theme for iPhone

150 icons provided; includes 2.0 jailbroken apps and AppStore apps.

Badge, Dock, and Battery, included in the "Bundles/com.apple.springboard" folder

100 AppStore icons made by misecia. All credit goes to him.

Dock from Jon's Harmonicons

When using with WinterBoard:

1. Create a Radiance2 folder in /Library/Themes
2. Check the Icons folder to see if your Application icons are there, and see if the name matches the Application's name on the Springboard.
3. Drag the Icons, Bundles, and UIImages folder, and the Wallpaper.png into the Radiance2 folder via SSH.
4. Apply the theme with WinterBoard and enjoy!

Author: kediashubham | Website: deviantart.com

Download Here