31 May 2009

Free 810 Mobile Wallpaper Pack

810 jpg | 176x220 | 12227 KB

Free Perfect Fantasy Icons And Wallpapers

This pack Contain:
62 Icons in PNG | ICO | ICNS formats (256px)

Wallpaper in 2 variations (Blue and Pink) in
1024 x 768 | 1280 x 1024 | 1600 x 1200 | 1920 x 1200 Resolutions
20419 KB

Free Flurry Visual Style for Vista

Known Bug : Please don't try it in windows basic!

Author: live-vs-vienna.deviantart.com

Download Here

Free 96 Amazing Car Wallpapers

Wallpapers - Amazing Car
Amazing Car Wallpapers
96 jpg | 1024x768 - 2048х1536 | 31 Mb

Free HQ Wallpapers Collection

HQ Wallpapers Collection | 1600x1200 / 1920x1200 | JPEG | 22 Мb

Download From Rapidshare

Free 65 HQ Flowers Wallpapers Pack


Flowers Wallpapers Pack
65 JPG | 1920x1200 - 1280x800 | 51 Mb | rar

Free Ebonite 2.0 Skin For Winamp

Introducing the long awaited Ebonite 2.0!


New 'Narrow' player mode
RGB Color Picker/Sliders
All skin graphics rebuilt to look sharper
Larger Album Art
Configuration Window
New custom visualizations
Enhanced Code/Fixes

Author: skin-consortium.deviantart.com

Download Here

Free Base Visual Style For Vista (Minimalistic)

If you're into basic minimal stuff I think you'll enjoy.

Author: jg-visuals.deviantart.com

Download Here (.7z)

30 May 2009

Free 45 Colour Spectrum & Rainbow Pack Wallpapers

45 JPG | 1024x683 - 2560х1603 | 28.62 MB

Free Terminal Visual Style for Vista

It's finally here ! The pack countains 3 visual styles, made by Nittiyh and Satukoro.

Author: nittiyh.deviantart.com

Download Here

Free cPro Gold 6 Pack Skins For Winamp

First of a Yearly Award for 6 of the Best cPro Skins made.
Download all six in this Zip

Get ClassicPro here [link]

Author: skin-consortium.deviantart.com

Download All 6 Skins Here

Free Windows XP Ultimate Visual Style

Windows XP Ultimate Visual Style
(A variation of Seven VS)

- Improved Start Menu
- New Taskbar
- Colorful Taskbar Buttons
- Shellstyle (less memory usage)
- 32 and 48-pixel icon support
- Aero and Basic Substyles
- Wallpaper included

Author: vher528.deviantart.com

Download Here

29 May 2009

Free 99 High Quality Glass Wallpapers

99 JPG | 1440x900 - 1600x1200 | 150 DPI | 48 Mb

Free Waterwalk Ultra Skin For Windowblinds Vista

Waterwalk Ultra Skin For Windowblinds Vista

Author: tomrichter.deviantart.com

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28 May 2009

Free 86 High Tech Rave Up System Replacement Icons

In .dmg file : iContainer for CandyBar 3 with 86 icons and dock included, .icns files

- Added PNG files in directory Extras
- No drop shadow behind folder icons (effect : removed the blurred sensation on light background).

Author: shteuf.deviantart.com

Download Here (Mac)
Download Here (Windows)

Free Leopard OSX Theme for Windows 7 RC

Only for Windows 7 RC build 7100...

- For a better look i recommend you to use the basic theme
- Use object bar with a osx skin for a better taskbar
- Use lefsider for a left side position of the close/max/min buttons
- Use RK Launcher
- Use an iconpackager pack with osx icons

Author: alkhan.deviantart.com

Download Here

Free 97 HQ Linux Wallpapers

Linux wallpapers
97 JPEG | 1024Х768, 1280X1024, 1600X1200 | 18 MB

Download Links:


Free 295 Widescreen Wallpapers Pack

295 Huge HD Widescreen Wallpapers | 1920x1200,1680x1050 Resolutions | 136.6 MB

Download Part 1 (Rapidshare)
Download Part 2 (Rapidshare)

Free 30 HQ Macro Images and Wallpapers

30 HQ Macro Images and Wallpapers 4272 x 2848 px

Free Emerald Aero Theme for Windows 7 RC

for Windows Seven RC (b7100) x86 only...

Author: lludo.deviantart.com

Download Here

27 May 2009

Free 137 Movie Wallpaper Pack

Quantity: 137 images Resolutions: 1280x1024-1600x1200 Format: JPG Size: 59.24 Mb

Free Windows 7 Skin for ViStart

Windows 7 Skin for ViStart

Note: Please replace the resources and rollover folders in the ViStart directory (Usually in C:\Program Files\ViStart\) with the included folders in the archive. Also replace settings.xml so that the text in the search bar will be "Search programs and files" and not "Start Search".

Author: vher528.deviantart.com

Free AI Icons for Windows

AI Icons for Windows

Author: silencemira.deviantart.com | mira.kidcomic.net

Download Here

Free 76 High Quality Desktop Wallpapers

High Quality Desktop Wallpapers
76 JPEG | 1280x1024 - 1600x1200 - 1680x1050 - 1920x1200 - 2560x1600 - 3200x1200 | 53.14 MB

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26 May 2009

Free Vista Glass Icons for XP

The zip contains:
-Instructions on how to install onto Windows VISTA and OBJECTDOCK
-and the Icons:
Yahoo Instant Messenger
Documents Folder
My Computer
Empty Trash Can
Full Trash Can
Corel Painter
World of Warcraft

Author: astroasis.deviantart.com

Free TheImpact Theme for Windows 7 RC (Visual Style)

Package Content

-Visual Styles [also .theme file]
-Explorer.exe [x64/x86]
-explorerframe.dll [x64/x86]
-used fonts
-uxtheme patch [x64/x86]

I recommond you to use a dark wallpaper and to set the transpareny to 0%.
>>>This VS is optimized for a non combined taskbar!!!<<<

Author: djabytown.deviantart.com

Download Here

Free Mixed HD Wallpapers Collection

Mixed HD Wallpapers Collection | 210 MB

25 May 2009

Free 40 Tuning Sport Cars HQ Wallpapers

40 Tuning Sport Cars HQ Wallpapers [1024x768] - 13.97MB

Free Windows Se7en Style with Superbar for Vista

Windows Se7en Complete Visual Styles with Superbar for Vista Users.

Including This Pack:
Visual Styles.
ReadMe & Instructions.

How to use the Style

Unpack 'Windows Se7en ' folder & copy to 'C:\Windows\Resources\Themes' (where C is the partition with Windows installed)
Now you can change the visual style by clicking any .msstyle file.

Windows Vista SP1 x86.
Aero Compatible PC.

Visual Style Name: Windows Se7en
Author: sagorpirbd
Release Date: 23 May 2009
Website: [link]

Download Here (.zip)

23 May 2009

Free 101 New Movies Posters HQ

101 New Movies Posters HQ
[1600x1200] [45.5 MB]

Download Links:

Free 100 NASA 2009 HQ Wallpapers

100 NASA 2009 HQ Wallpapers [1600x1200] [19 MB]

Download Here (hotfile)

Free Meryll Pack 3 Wallpaper Pack

For Displays up to 30 inch WIDESCREEN LCDs
Wallpaper size : 2560x1600 ( ONE SIZE ONLY )

Total of 3 Wallpapers in this Package.

Author: 0ctans.deviantart.com

Download Here (.zip)

Free Whan-Yen Icon Set

This icon set is for Windows, up to 48x48 dpi for XP and 256x256 dpi for Vista.

Beginner's Guide
- How to change icon in Windows XP:[link]
- How to use Large(48px) icon size on Windows XP: [link]
- How to change icon in Windows Vista: [link]

Author: raindropmemory.deviantart.com

Download Here (.zip)

22 May 2009

Free Mouna Theme for Sony Ericsson

Theme suitable for the following phones:
v4.7 - C510/C702/C901/C902/C903/C905/G705/T700/W508/W595/W705/W715/W760/W902/W980/W995/Z780

Author: d37nu1l | Website: deviantart.com

Download Here (.zip)

Free AeroCopy Theme for Windows 7 RC x64

• no white components in window borders
• no Minimize, Maximize and Сlose button borders
• button selection glow is reworked

I only tested it on x64 version on Windows 7 so I'm not sure if it works on x86 build. Anyway you need a universal patcher for system files to make custom visualstyles work. You can find it over the web.

Author: versianova | Website: deviantart.com

21 May 2009

Free Seven Aero Blue Wave Theme For Windows 7 RC

Seven Aero Blue Wave For 7 RC

4 Taksbar Options

It contains theme, icons and gadgets

Before apply this theme You need to patch uxtheme with Windows 7 Power Tool Ultimate v2.3

How to install theme:
Inside SEVEN AERO WAVE BLUE folder, go to THEMES folder, Copy all to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes

All differences are about Microsoft Original Theme.

This theme doesnt work with TuneUp

Download Here

Free Windows 7 Ultimate RC 2 Complete WindowBlinds Skin with Superbar for XP Users

Windows 7 Ultimate RC 2 Complete WindowBlinds Skin with Superbar for XP Users.

Yes, the wait is over. Now you can get the all Beautiful Colors Including windows 7 start orb, superbar & windows 7 taskbar in XP.
This theme will make your Windows XP just like Windows 7.

Try To Make Perfect Glass Looking with all posible colors Just Like Windows 7. Hope,You Enjoy.

Including This Pack :

~ WindowBlinds Skin .
~ Styler Toolbar Skin.
~ Wallpaper.
~ ReadMe.

If You Want To Use This Skin You Need To Install WindowBlinds Software.

WindowBlinds Software Found Here :[link]
For Styler Toolbar Software Go Here :[link]

WindowBlinds Name: Windows 7 Ultimate RC 2
Author: sagorpirbd.
Release Date: 30 April 2009.
Update Date: 18 May 2009.
Website: [link]

Download Here

Free Windows 7 Style For XP

1. To use this theme, drag the msstyle to C:\Windows\Resources and double click on Aero Vista.msstyles

2. You need to patch uxtheme.dll to use custom skins. Google it if you haven't already done so.

3. Only choose the blue theme and you only get the blue taskbar at the bottom of the screen.

Author: haran-hockey | Website: deviantart.com

Download Here

Free Windows 7 Transformation Pack for Vista

Seven Transformation Pack Keynotes:

New 3rd-party applications
ViGlance - Windows 7's Superbar emulation

Improved 3rd-party applications
ViStart - build recompile in native mode increasing its performance with Windows 7 skin
TrueTransparency - Improved stability with version 1.0 plus SevenStyle's skin

Functionalities update
Automatic theme applying - Setup now applies themes automatically without user's interaction after restart
Multi-user Login UI support - Allowing to see user accounts in horizontal view with multiline support
Setup personization - Allowed ViSplore and WinFlip and support load/save configuration
Superbar tweaks - Get Superbar UI with registry tweaks

Changes in Version 1.0 (From Vista Transformation Pack 9.0.1)
-Added Superbar tweaks for sleek and groupped taskbar item
-Added Windows 7 new wallpaper
-Added Windows 7 user pictures
-Fixed scrnrdr.exe application for being reported as malware
-Fixed WindowBlinds skin detection bug in Welcome Center
-Removed LClock as it doesn't fit new taskbar UI anymore
-Removed Styler toolbar as it becomes obsolete with ViSplore
-Removed VisualTooltip due to its glitches caused with the system
-Updated battery tray icon
-Updated logon screen with horizontal account list.
-Updated logon startup branding to Windows Seven
-Updated Vista Rainbar's default background to transparent (without border)
-Updated theming engine to apply themes and automatically
-Updated system to load/save configuration for Personalization
-Updated Transformation Destination information context for better understanding
-Updated TrueTransparency to version 1 with SevenStyle skin
-Updated user account's optimization settings
-Updated ViSplore with Windows Seven skin
-Updated ViStart to version 2.0 build 3468 (Native mode) with Windows Seven skin
-Updated visual styles to Windows 7 ones called "Windows Seven"
-Updated ViOrb to ViGlance (Superbar emulation)
-Updated Windows 7 icons
-Updated ViSplore and WinFlip to be safe applications

Author: windowsx | Website: deviantart.com

Download Here

Free Windows Vista Enhanced Theme for XP

Windows Vista Enhanced
Visual Style for Windows XP

What's New?
- Enhanced window borders and toolbar background
- Status bar recolored
- Fixed caption buttons
- Full circle Windows Orb
- Improved shellstyle
- Startgroup background
- Many more...

With 3 styles to choose from (Aero, Basic, and Black).
Supports 32 and 48-pixel icon sizes.

Author: vher528 | Website: deviantart.com

Download Here

19 May 2009

Free Windows 7 Style For Vista

Windows 7 style for Windows Vista SP1 and x86.

For the BUG on the start menu buttons you should
change the default settings to "Sleep" instead of "Shut Down" to make the buttons look right.

How to Install and Use 3rd Party Themes in Windows Vista by Vishal [link]

How to Apply 3rd Party Themes in Windows Vista and Server 2008 without Using any Software by Vishal [link]

See here How to Patch Windows Vista to Enable Custom Themes (Visual Styles) [link]

Once you've done that, reboot, then follow the directions in the Read Me file. (This says, basically, put the Windows 7 folder under C:\WINDOWS\RESOURCES\THEMES. Go into the Windows 7 folder, double-click the msstyle file. This will bring up the Appearances dialogue. You will see TWO Aero themes. In the list, the top-most one is the Windows 7 theme.

Author: giannisgx89 | Website: deviantart.com

Download Here

Free 67 Best Nature Wallpapers HQ

Best Nature Wallpapers
67 JPG | 1280 x 1024 - 2560 x 1600 | 53.49 MB

Download: Uploading
Mirror: Depositfiles
Mirror: Up-file

Free Greytones Skin for Windowblinds Vista

Close/Min/Max/Rest Buttons in Traffic lights style!

Author: emecoelho | Website: deviantart.com

Download Here

17 May 2009

Free 1380 HD Game Wallpapers Mega Collection

HD Game Wallpapers Mega Collection
1380 JPG | 1680 x 1050, 1920 x 1200, 2560x1600 pix | 865Mb

Free cPro Das Skin - Winamp ClassicPro Skin

cPro Das Skin - Winamp ClassicPro Skin with (few) Colorthemes. Enjoy.

Author: zrco | Website: deviantart.com

Download Here (.zip)