14 November 2008

Free Vista to OS X Transformation Pack v4.1 (2008)

"Turn Windows Vista into Mac OSX”
If you've been disillusioned by Vista and wish that you'd bought a Mac (since that's what Vista is trying to emulate anyway) then you might be impressed by Vista OS X.

Vista OS X is a transformation pack for the 32-bit editions of Windows Vista. The installation is very simple and gives you full control over what elements you want to install, change or modify in Vista. These include features such as the look and style of Vista, the folder and Explorer styles and skins for various applications. Often with these programs, there is a concern that it may change fundamental aspects of Windows Vista that can cause conflicts. We can't guarantee this won't be the case for you but the good thing is that the program creates a restoration point during installation so if you do suffer any problems, you can easily roll back. If you prefer, you can install Vista OS X V3 on a partition so that your original installation of Windows is not affected in any way.

Languages: English
OS: WinVista

Author: unknown | Website: Download Codes

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