16 November 2008

Active Wallpaper Changer

Having a huge collection of wallpapers? Would like to vary your desktop with cool new wallpapers? Try Wallpaper Changer and you won't imagine your computer without it anymore!

Active Wallpaper Changer (hereinafter "Wallpaper Changer") is a cute easy-to-use program that changes your desktop background within defined time interval. Simply choose the folder you would like to use wallpapers from, check what pictures to show and off you go!

You can use any pictures from your hard drive as your desktop background. Really! Anything will go! Have a numerous family photos? Or a huge collection of digital posters of your favorite actor? All this stuff you may use as your desktop wallpaper and change it randomly (or not - you decide) using Wallpaper Changer.

Author: info unvailable | Website: Download Codes

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