18 November 2008

Free Vista Cursors for Windows XP

Get the new Windows Vista Cursors from Build 5744 RC2 on your Windows XP machine. There are just a few aesthetic differences. The new cursors are antialiased and have a crisp look to them. The hourglass cursor is replaced with the loading indicator (as seen in Internet Explorer 7).

This set is really a perfect companion to the Vista styles that are out there for XP too! IF you must use any cursors with a Vista style for XP, this shall be the one!

Installation Instructions:

1. Unzip the zip file to a temporary directory on ur HD.
2. Place the "Windows Aero Cursors" directory into C:\Windows\Cursors\.
3. Open up ur mouse properties (located inside Control Panel).
4. Go to Pointers tab.
5. Select (None) for a temporary scheme/theme from the list which is at the top of the list in most cases.
6. Browse for the Windows Aero Cursors directory.
7. Start picking the cursors from the Medium folder, once u have the right ones in the right spots, please proceed to step 8.
8. Save the cursor scheme/theme to the name to "Windows Aero Medium".
9. Hit Apply and then OK and enjoy!

Author: LiLmEgZ97 | Website: deviantart

Download Here